Subway Brand Refresh & Broadcast

Brand Refresh
2016 was my first-ever big broadcast production year. Coincidentally, my first project was also a first for Subway. For the Summer Olympic Games in Rio our team launched Subway's first brand anthem spot.
My CD partner Neal Hughlett and I created a platform that focused on our shared desire to evolve, get up, move forward and pursue something better every day. For Subway, this manifested itself through better ingredients, responsible sourcing and operational improvements. As one of the largest QSR's in the world, Subway has the power to create change on a global scale. The campaign debuted during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. 
Agency: MMB  /  Client: Subway  /  Contribution: Art Direction
"Clean Slate" - Launched during the 2016 Olympic Summer Opening
"Everybody" - The new brand look applied to the Chicken Caesar product spot
"Table of Contents" - As a follow up to "Clean Slate" this spot begins to address what Subway is doing to stay fresh.
Grandma's Carved Turkey Broadcast
Our team was then awarded Subway’s entire broadcast business in the Fall of 2016. The ensuing journey has led to some interesting and effective productions, including these “Grandma’s” videos below that I created with CD Neal Hughlett. Directed by Peter Darley Miller, and edited by Charlie Johnston.
Our grandmas were proved to awesome to limit to just a 30-second broadcast spot. We took our favorite moments and pieced together what we called “Grandma Confessions” for additional social content.
Reuben Heritage 
Neal and I also created a fun, parallax-heavy social media video regarding the mystery about who invented the original Reuben Sandwich, directed by Matthew Encina at BLiND in L.A.